Our Services

We provide services all over the globe including Preventative Maintenance and Load Testing to Installations and Monitoring. All of our services can be performed without load interruption by utilizing our Mobile Battery Backup.
  1. Preventive Maintenance
    Battery Research & Testing offers a full range of preventative maintenance programs to suit your needs. Our preventative maintenance programs are designed to provide the best assessment based on the systems reliability requirements - offering the most efficient cost to benefit ratio.
  2. Load Testing
    Why load test? Load testing is the only way to definitively prove capacity. While system inspections are crucial they cannot determine battery capacity. By utilizing our mobile battery backup, load testing can be performed without interruption to the system.
  3. Installations
    Battery Research & Testing has installed thousands of battery systems for hundreds of customers worldwide -from emergency lighting batteries to multi-redundant UPS systems and everything in between, including; Communication, Power Generation, Switchgear, and Motor Start batteries.
  4. Mobile Battery Backup
    Battery Research & Testing can transport and setup thousands of Ah of mobile battery backup and rectifiers to any location. Mobile backup is useful in emergencies, or can be utilized during installations, load tests, or for any maintenance. Our mobile backup can be configured for any voltage/current requirements.
  5. IOVR+™ Battery Rejuvenation
    Battery Research & Testing is the world’s leader in developing the IOVR+™ (internal ohmic value recovery) process for restoring lost capacity in VRLA cells. The IOVR+ process later became part of IEEE 1188-2014 known as the Special Recovery Process.
  6. Managed Battery Monitoring
    Our patented real‐time managed monitoring service detects signs of battery degradation - including conditions that cause Thermal Runaway. Designed as a preventative maintenance enhancement, the system provides real‐time data and historical trending metrics. We centrally monitor your battery systems - You focus on your core business..
  7. Reporting Services
    Battery Research & Testing utilizes the latest technologies to provide the most comprehensive reporting practices in the industry. We have developed several proprietary computer applications designed to ensure the accuracy of our reports. We also provide a customer portal for instant access to your data.
  8. Review Services
    Battery Research & Testing provides review services including; Bid Specifications Report/Findings Review Best Practices Implementation
  9. Other Services
    Asset Management and Facility Audits Technical/Application Support On-Charge Warehousing Failure Mode Investigations Thermographic Inspections Hands-on Training Grounding Surveys