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Battery Research and Testing is committed to protecting the environment and conservation of our natural resources. .  In fact, we went so far as to develop the IOVR™ process in order to prevent batteries from being replaced needlessly before they needed to be. 

  • We recycle millions of pounds of Lead Acid and Nickel-Cadmium batteries yearly from all of our projects eliminating potentially environmentally damaging lead, polypropylene and cadmium - a toxic heavy metal. 
  • We only utilize certified sources to dispose waste by-products.
  • Battery Research and Testing is the world's leader in developing the IOVR™ process for restoring lost capacity, run time, and reliability in VRLA cells while reducing customer's replacement cost by as much as 60%.  The process extends/rejuvenates battery life and reduces the frequency of replacement. 
  • Battery life extension = less waste, improved cost! 
  • Our maintenance process extends battery life, improves performance and reduces the frequency of replacement.  
  • We have limited the amount of paperwork associated with preventative maintenance programs by utilizing a web based process.  Our goal is to move to a paperless environment. 
    • Examples:
      • On site flash drives: BR&T technicians can download the raw inspection data and leave it on site at the time of the inspection.  The data is saved in excel format and  can easily be accessed by authorized site personnel. The drive is updated on subsequent inspections giving a detailed history of the operating profile of the dc power plant.
      • Online Reporting Tool: Reports are then reviewed and summarized with recommendations and comments detailed on the front page.  The reports are uploaded in  pdf. format to our secure server.  Once uploaded, customers receive automatic email notification that a report has been posted. Customers have twenty-four hour access to reports and can control authorized access to specific individuals within their organizations.
      • Hard copies of the reports can be mailed at the customer's request.


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