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In order to ensure precision and proper functionality, we conduct thorough load and capacity testing for your DC systems. Inside every tailor made project plan, Battery Research and Testing accurately determines the state of health of any battery, rectifier, ups or fuel cell we evaluate. Load testing is the only way to definitively prove the capacity of any given battery - at any given time. While system inspections are crucial, and provide essential information relevant to maintenance, inspections cannot determine battery capacity. That is why we follow and believe in our detail oriented protocol for testing. We do it right the first time for our customers.

  • We have performed thousands of AC and DC load tests for a wide variety of customers.
  • We supply cabling, over-current protection and rectifiers for recharging.
  • We can supply a backup battery of equal capacity to keep your system up without interruption during testing.
  • All battery switchovers are performed transparently to the system.
  • We utilize both air cooled and liquid cooled load banks to determine the exact capacity of any system.
  • Our load testing procedures are based on the IEEE 1106, IEEE 1188, IEEE 450 and the practices recommended by the major battery manufacturers.
  • All load tests performed by Battery Research & Testing include a complete pre-test inspection.



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xo commuciations battery
smart city battery
dynegy energy
constellations energy us army power supply
air force battery
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