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*Visit the Flash Site for our voice-narrated presentation on the history of the IOVR+ Process, presented by Peter DeMar: "The IOVR+ Rejuvenation Process for VRLA batteries"*

OVR - Battery recovery/rejuvenation/life extension process - Through the IOVR™ (Internal Ohmic Value Recovery) process we can recover lost capacity, run time, and operability in any structurally intact 2 volt VRLA cell.  Wither you call it battery capacity recovery, or battery rejuvenation, or battery life extension this process will save you money!  

Battery Research & Testing is the world’s leader in developing the IOVR™ process for restoring lost capacity, run time, and reliability in VRLA cells. The IOVR™ process entails the analyzing the internal ohmic values of the cells as compared to known “good numbers”, replacing the lost water from each cell as needed, recovering the negative plates, and the replacement of the originally installed vent assembly with a vent assembly that has a Philadelphia Scientific Microcat Catalyst.. Of course the process is more detailed than this brief explanation, but it is easily performed and in many cases can be performed without ever taking the battery out of service.  The IOVR+ process is the end result of what began as simple attempts at battery rejuvenation. 


  • We have successfully performed this process on tens of thousands of cells, from small 24 volt systems up thru 240 cell UPS systems.

  • We have recovered lost capacity from under 5% to over 90%, with some returning to their original 100% of capacity.

  • If the cells are relatively new and have not yet been negatively affected, we can perform actions that will prevent the early failure that most will realize.

  • The actual amount of battery capacity recoverable is dependent upon the extent lost, reason for the capacity loss, and the length of time the cells have been in service.

  • It will help reduce the internal resistance of the cell when it is already degraded.

  • It will reduce the amount of charge current required to maintain the cell in a charged state, when it is already elevated.

  • Will reduce the operation temperature of the battery itself, when it is elevated due to internal conditions.

  • It will restore plate potentials to their proper values if they have shifted as a result of under polarization of the negatives, or will prevent them from shifting if still correct.

  • It will help recover sulfated plates.

  • It can reduce your battery replacement costs by over 60%.

  • It will reduce or eliminate the risk of thermal runaway.

  • Will increase the reliability of the system.

  • The amount of battery life extension is dependent upon the actual battery condition when the process is performed.




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