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Save money and reduce your risk of battery failure.

Designed as a maintenance program enhancement, our patent pending battery monitoring service provides around the clock assurance – by showing immediate real-time data as it happens and providing historical trending for predictive analysis.

Especially suited for users responsible for many systems over a wide geographical area interested in information that can identify trends that help predict battery failure before it occurs.

The Battery Event Monitoring system is installed, administered and maintained by the technical experts at Battery Research & Testing. All systems are monitored around the clock from our centralized facility manned by knowledgeable battery personnel who have the skills to interpret the data gathered by the system, see trends, and detect the onset of failures.

  • The Battery Research & Testing - Battery Event Monitoring system - consisting of monitoring, analysis, and notification elements is a high speed, low latency, continuous, real-time monitoring system used to detect signs of battery degradation, calculate capacity, perform cycle counting, verify temperature compensation and building HVAC and most importantly detecting conditions that cause Thermal Runaway - before it occurs.
  • Centralized monitoring facility manned by knowledgeable battery personnel.
  • The monitoring hardware is non intrusive and can be installed without taking the battery offline. The system requires no user configuration or administration.



  • Click here to download the Battery Event Monitoring Product Sheet (.pdf format)
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